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Winter Fuel

Winter Fuel

Logs to burn

Locally supplied logs from Pasture Care that won’t burn a hole in your pocket

In recent years, the wood-burning stove has become the hottest addition to the home. Open fires with the heat escaping up the chimney have fallen from favour.Not surprising as a wood burner gives out five times as much heat as a regular fireplace and heats a far bigger part of the house.

As a result, the demand for logs to fuel these stoves has never been greater. So with winter approaching, who best to turn to?

Introducing Pasture Care. Established 20 years ago by Kevin Smith and based near Towersey, Pasture Care is an agricultural and equestrian contractor with skill and knowledge in all aspects of farm and field management. Services range from small-scale paddock maintenance to whole farm contracting, covering all aspects of estate management. Pasture Care takes the utmost pride in providing the best quality service to their clients.

However the logs they supply are proving particularly popular. The reason is simple. Excellent quality logs (both softwood and hardwood) sourced locally – most logs come from suppliers based abroad or at best Scotland – at very reasonable prices.

Their bags of softwood logs are fully seasoned. Softwood is not as long burning as hardwood however it burns easier and hotter. Most of the softwood comes from trees that Pasture Care have coppiced and are fully sustainable.

Ideal for wood burning stoves or outdoor appliances, but not recommend for use on open fires due to the possibility of the wood spitting.

One cubic metre bag of softwood is £45. A £10 deposit is required for the log bag or alternatively, wood can be tipped at your preferred location.

Bags of hardwood logs are dry, mature logs which are seasoned and ready to burn.

These are normally mixed bags of hardwood from local trees sustainably managed. This wood is ideal for any type of fire or appliance.

One cubic metre bag of hardwood is £90. Again a £10 deposit is required for the log bag or alternatively, wood can be tipped at your preferred location.

Some log suppliers will describe their bags as tonne bags or bulk bags, but in reality there won’t be as many logs in their bags as those supplied by Pasture Care. Logs from Pasture Care provide excellent value for money and having been barn stored to protect them from the elements, they are fine quality logs as well.

Pasture Care has recently developed a tree shear mounted on a 13 tonne 360 excavator, with low ground pressure capabilities to enable working in boggy conditions with the minimum of ground disturbance.

The tree shear can efficiently and safely be used to pollard trees, clear scrub, coppice hedges and harvest firewood. Working near roads, power lines, buildings and fences poses no problem for the tree shear. You can contact Pasture Care for day rates or if you would like a free copy of their tree shear dvd.

Pasture Care have also built up a well-respected reputation for providing top quality hay and straw with customers that have been with them since the beginning.

Using a 21 bale pack system means they can move large numbers quickly and efficiently. The baler is fitted with a moisture meter to ensure a consistent high quality product.

Pasture care supply customers at both ends of the scale ranging from quantities of 20 bales through to 10,000.

So if you are looking for locally sourced quality logs (FREE delivery within a 30 mile radius). Quick, contact Pasture Care. Chop, chop.

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