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She Shaw Looks Good

She Shaw Looks Good

Your best skin yet

Actress and TV personality Suzanne Shaw benefits from some revolutionary treatment at Springwell Clinic in Marlow.

Springwell Clinic in Marlow is an Aesthetic Nurse led Medical Clinic that prides itself on providing natural looking treatments. They often refer to themselves as a skin clinic as they choose to take a more natural looking approach to their treatments.

As a result, the clinic attracts a vast array of clients who want to maintain their appearance. They don’t however always opt for injectables whether that is because of personal preferences or certain career paths.

Enter Actress and TV personality Suzanne Shaw and the revolutionary technology of Kleresca. A completely non invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that increases collagen production by up to 400%!!

Suzanne 37, came to Springwell with concerns such as pore size, general lack lustre and fatigue to her complexion along with fine lines. Suzanne felt that she wasn’t at a stage where she wanted to try Botox ® or fillers so was intrigued by other options available. This is why Springwell suggested Kleresca.

Springwell was one of the first clinics in the UK to showcase this treatment that came over from Australia and given the results that patients are achieving they haven’t looked back since. The Kleresca Skin rejuvenation treatment is a course of four carried out in weekly intervals over a four week period. The treatment comprises of a gel being applied to the skin followed by 9 minutes of exposure under a fluorescent lamp (no harmful rays).

After Suzanne’s first treatment she noticed her skin was slightly red and flushed. This went down shortly after and she remarked how her skin appeared firmer and brighter.

Week 2. The redness after the 2nd treatment was less than the first. Also post second treatment Suzanne began to notice a slight reduction in pore size along with a rapidly increasing brightness in her complexion.

Week 3. Seemed not much further a progression than the treatment before other than Suzanne had noticed people remarking how much fresher she looked.

Week 4. The final treatment. This is where the results seemed to become more evident. Skin was appearing far brighter, it was apparent that pore size had decreased and the skin had started to look far more naturally plumped, rejuvenated and youthful.

As if that wasn’t enough the beauty of Kleresca and the science behind it means this is a treatment that keeps on giving. So optimum results won’t be seen up until 8 weeks after treatment.

Re enter Suzanne at 8 weeks and she is overjoyed with the results. Her skin is visibly glowing and radiant. There is obvious lift to the cheeks with fine lines and pore size dramatically reduced. Comments she says on how refreshed she looks have been frequent. “People can’t quite put their finger on what’s different” she says. “Which is exactly what I was looking for, I can’t thank Springwell enough for their help and advice, also sticking to my wishes, I am left feeling more confident and looking better with a treatment I wanted rather than being talked into having lots of things I didn’t want. Which believe me can happen in a lot of places.”

Kleresca can be used alongside other treatments, it also has different formulations that specialise in treating rosacea and acne.

Fluorescent light energy is used to stimulate the skin’s own repair mechanisms. This treatment reduces inflammation, erythema, blushing and reduces the overall stress level of the skin and so reduces the feeling of burning and stinging. Kleresca Rosacea induces a healing response improving the overall skin quality. This treatment is carried out once per week over a 4 week period.

This multi action treatment works by not only addressing several factors responsible for causing acne but also by reducing the signs of scarring. It kills the bacteria responsible for acne P. acnes. This treatment reduces inflammation by normalising cellular activity and reducing signs of scarring by increasing the build-up of collagen. This is a course of treatments to be carried out twice weekly for 6 weeks. Results will last for 6-12 months. This treatment can be performed on the back and chest as well as the face.

These treatments are proving to be extremely popular across the board for both men and women with their varied skin requirements and concerns. The other fantastic thing about Kleresca is that you are able to be treated all year round. It isn’t sun Sensitive as some laser treatments can be.

So don’t hesitate and book your complimentary consultation. Upon quoting **Thame Out Kleresca100** receive a discount of £100 when booking a course of treatment!

Springwell clinic was established over three years ago in Marlow. All their aesthetic treatments are carried out by Medically trained Nurses who collectively have over 25 years experience. We can’t emphasise enough the importance of researching your practitioner. To ensure optimum work and results an Experienced Aesthetic Practitioner is always best to carry out your treatments.(Put your trust in the best. )

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