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Mobile Homes – Tiny Homes and Shepherd’s Huts from Kingsey Kitchens

Mobile Homes – Tiny Homes and Shepherd’s Huts from Kingsey Kitchens

It’s a changed world out there. The key to negotiate the new normal is to adapt. Kingsey Kitchens & Interiors are embarking on an exciting new venture. Building homes on wheels.

Tecent There has been a Furniture Manufacturer’s on the Kingsey Furniture and Interiors site for 25 years. The original company founded by Andrew Higson, just took up one of the barns and the rest he shared with the sheep. The company expanded over time and was primarily designing and manufacturing bespoke furniture for high end commercial offices. It is now a state of the art 8sq metre fully equipped workshop, including a CNC machine. Then disaster struck in the form of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

A downturn in commercial work followed, so the company switched from offices to homes and Kingsey Kitchens and Interiors was born with a small kitchen showroom. We now have a disaster in the shape of a new Coronavirus. As a result, Andy and the Kingsey team have decided to diversify their talents to looking at other products which could be an essential part of people’s lives going forward.

Fear not, as the name implies, Kingsey Kitchen & Interiors will continue to design and build stunning new kitchens and interiors.

But you can now add building Tiny Homes and Shepherds Huts and Outside Offices and homes to their repertoire.

All are superb alternatives to extending or adapting your existing home or down sizing and getting rid of the mortgage.

Luxury shepherd’s huts will last a lifetime. They are practical, beautiful and full of unique character.

They can be used as a summer house, gym, spare bedroom, even a holiday let. With more of us working from home and remote working set to continue, It could be the ideal office solution. A working Mum or Dad can escape from the bustle of family life and achieve separation of your work space. Built on wheels, they can be easily manoeuvred to the site of your choice.

If you just need an outside office then these can also be built to a building regulation/insulation standard so that they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer – essential for those temperamental computers.

Kingsey are currently building and installing a 10ft x 8ft Outside Office for a customer living in Lea Park in Thame, nestled at the bottom of their compact garden.

Moving up in scale, are Tiny homes which are homes that are not as tiny as you think.

A brand new home built on a flat bed that again can be wheeled into position, depending on your requirements and where it is positioned planning permission is often not required.

A customer wants to build a Tiny Home in their garden for their daughter, as she is moving back locally. With house prices out of reach for most young adults, a Tiny Home is affordable independence.

Tiny Homes are not sheds or flimsy mobile homes.

We are talking solidly built, insulated and plastered walls and tiled roofs. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can have under floor heating, air conditioning, double glazed windows, fully functioning luxury kitchen and bathroom, and heaps and heaps of hidden storage. Everything you could want and more from a home. If you are looking for something even more special Kingsey are working with a well known local Architect to develop options that could enable you to be the owner of your unique tiny home with a modern design. Giving you the option of being totally sustainable and off grid.

Usually single bedroom, but can be two, Tiny Homes prices start from just the same as a luxury car, affordable and bespoke. It could be a new home or even a business opportunity such as an Air B&B perhaps.

I’m sure some people will be tempted to downsize and live mortgage free in their brand new Tiny Home. A home that’s been designed specifically to their needs.

The new normal could be a new way of living. The possibilities are endless with a Shepherd’s Hut or a Tiny Home.

Discover more by contacting Kingsey Kitchens & Interiors. Put the wheels in motion towards a new move.

Phone 01844 299820 for more information or if you would like to visit the Kingsey Kitchen Showroom or an actual Tiny home built on the Kingsey site then email fay@kingseyfurniture.co.uk.

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