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Kiss and Tell – Lip enhancement treatment

Kiss and Tell – Lip enhancement treatment

More than just lip service

Expert Lip Enhancement at Springwell Clinic in Marlow.

Why are the lips so important?

The lips are a vital cornerstone in defining the face: we’re drawn to them when we look at someone (second only to the eyes). They help to define our smile, and subconsciously, they are a major clue to age and fertility. Put bluntly, we want our lips to look “kissable”!

Why give nature a helping hand?

Lips suffer from the ageing process. As we age, we lose the ability to keep up with producing collagen at the same rate as it breaks down. Collagen is an essential part of the underlying scaffolding of the lips and skin, so we start to see a gradual loss of lip volume with the surrounding skin becoming thinner, more lined and less able to support the lips, which then start to droop at the corners as a result. Gravity takes its toll more easily and, in conjunction with an inevitable loss of bone density in the upper jaw, the mouth can look sunken, with the top teeth becoming more obscured.

It’s not only older women suffering from the ageing process that come to us, however. The current trend for our younger, fashion-conscious generation is for fuller lips which, if done well, can look very beautiful.

Many of us are reticent about seeking lip treatments. Celebrities with trout pouts, or who become caricatures of themselves, or have lips that might look nice but are nothing like their original version, put us off. We instinctively know how important our lips are to our overall look and we see a lot of poor treatments in the media; it makes us understandably apprehensive.

This is why it is so important to seek treatment from an experienced medical practitioner who has undergone extensive training, has an artistic eye, and operates in an environment with the utmost emphasis on safety and cleanliness. Cheaper operators are likely to be less skilled and may operate in sub-standard environments.

Our approach

At Springwell, our objective is to work with nature rather than against it. For example, a subtle increase in volume is likely to do wonders to the appearance of the lips of a fifty year old, whereas restoring them to a version that resembles their teenage volume just won’t!

Expert Lip Enhancement at Springwell Clinic in Marlow. We use a variety of dermal fillers from the Juvederm®, Aliaxin® and Princess® range, so that we can select one with the appropriate properties for each patient and for each treatment area. We may use filler to increase the volume of the lips, or we may use it to support the lower corners of the lip to correct drooping, for example. We sometimes also recommend a small botulinum treatment to relax the muscles surrounding the upper lip, reducing “smokers’ lines” and exposing the supporting teeth a little more. And we may recommend Profhilo® which stimulates collagen and re hydrates the skin of the face, therefore underpinning an overall youthful but natural look.

Our Lip Specialist!

Our prescribing nurse, Christine Roberts, has a wealth of experience within the aesthetic industry, and she loves what she does. Chris started her career in nursing, then decided to apply and evolve her skills within aesthetics. She’s worked alongside highly regarded surgeons and practitioners throughout her career, and she has a wealth of experience across all treatment types.

However, when asked which treatment she enjoys doing the most, she smiled and replied, “Lips; definitely lips! They are an area that can make such a difference, not just with regard to how a patient looks, but also how they feel about themselves. Lack of volume in the lips has a knock-on effect to other features of the face. With the immediate results that lip enhancement treatment provides, and to be able to see the reaction and joy from my patients…. this really is second-to-none for me, personally.

“Throughout the consultation, I’m eager to listen to my patients’ concerns so that I work within their brief. I closely examine their face as we talk so that I can establish how best to enhance it to natural effect without altering their individuality.

“People can be intimidated at the thought of lip enhancement because of the images that are seen in the media when procedures have been overdone. But if work is carried out tastefully by a trained, artistic eye, the results can be subtly astounding without it being obvious to people around you what you’ve had done. You just appear to look refreshed and well.”

Which is ultimately what we strive to achieve at Springwell Clinic.

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