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Clothes Line – New styles from White Hart Studio

Clothes Line – New styles from White Hart Studio

Bench your shopping concerns

Keep calm and carry on through these unusual times, that’s the way forward at White Hart Studio.

For some people, stepping outside the comfort and safety of their home is still difficult. No matter how keen people are to get out, many are nervous at the thought of a shopping trip.

The pandemic has effected people differently. With this in mind, Jane has tried to make a visit to White Hart Studio as safe and as comfortable as it can be. She offers a gentle, kind approach to shopping. At the door you will be greeted by either Sue, Jane or Claire who will offer you sanitizer. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your facemask, there are reusable ones available to purchase at £5.00 or a disposable one at 50p.

Once inside you will find there are four rooms available, so social distancing isn’t a problem and rather than have arrows and signs we ask our customers to use their own judgement. It’s one less thing to worry about.
In the first room you enter you will find silver and costume jewellery from independent artists, greeting cards, chilli bottles and on the centre table there is a display of gifts from Arthouse Ltd who support adults with learning difficulties.

Enter the middle room which is full of interiors; pictures, mirrors, furniture and a new delivery of neon signs and pictures.

The third room at the front has gorgeous candles from St Eval who are based in Cornwall, Fairtrade socks from Thought and if you love clothes you are in for a treat as Jane has constantly kept items individual and affordable.

Please don’t leave the shop without visiting the large barn at the back of the shop which is full of more interiors and cards, please ask if you are unsure where to enter.

Normally Jane would attend at least three trade shows in September, but these have all been cancelled. Including her favourite one in Paris.

In October Jane will have owned her shop for 18 years and this is where her wealth of knowledge comes into its own. She has built up a network of individual traders who are doing their best to supply the shop. Clothing has been the easiest to source and we all need something new to brighten up our day. Furniture has proved a little tricky. Jane was off to meet a new supplier the week If the new supplier can’t deliver, Jane will bring items home by filling her four by four to the gunnels.

Thankfully White Hart Studio is now fully open. From Tuesday – Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 11 – 4. Sundays have recently been covered by Jane’s daughter Lily who is now leaving for University. So Lexy who has helped in the past will be joining the team and working Sundays.

The best way to keep up to date with all the new stock is to follow @whitehartstudio on Instagram or Facebook.

Keep calm and keep shopping.

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